What is Anion Tester

Learn the science behind anion chips, discover reliable testing options, and find the perfect pad for a comfortable and confident period.

Here’s a summary of anion testers:

An anion tester in sanitary pads refers to a device used to detect and measure the presence of anion (negative ion) chips within the pads. These anion chips are embedded in some sanitary pads and are purported to release negative ions, which may offer benefits such as reducing odor, enhancing comfort, and potentially providing antimicrobial properties.

The anion tester ensures that the sanitary pads contain the specified amount of anion chips as claimed by the manufacturer. It measures the emission of negative ions from the pads, validating their functionality and effectiveness. This quality control step helps maintain consistency in product performance and ensures that consumers receive sanitary pads with the intended health benefits.

In summary, an anion tester is a critical tool used in the production and quality assurance of sanitary pads equipped with anion technology, verifying the presence and functionality of anion chips to meet consumer expectations for comfort and hygiene.