go girl sanitary pads

go girl sanitary pads. starting at 10/-, 22MRP(240mm Straight Pad) ( Zeroleak ), 26/- MRP (280 MM Straight Pad ) 30/- MRP(240 MM Straight Ultra thin pad ), 38/-MRP(240mm straight sanitary pad) , 39/- MRP (240 MM Folded ultra thin sanitary pad ) , 79/- ( 320 MM FOLDED ULTRATHIN PAD )

go girl sanitary pads

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Most frequent questions and answers

Go Girl should disclose the materials used in their pads on their packaging or website. Look for materials like:

  • Top layer: Breathable cotton or other soft, gentle materials.
  • Absorbent core: Superabsorbent polymer (SAP) to lock in moisture and prevent leaks.
  • Leak-proof layer: Breathable, waterproof material to prevent leaks.
  • Wings : Secure the pad in place and prevent bunching.


Ideally, Go Girl should mention if their pads are clinically tested. This indicates they’ve undergone testing to ensure safety and effectiveness.


Wrap the used pad securely in the wrapper or toilet paper and dispose of it in the trash bin. Do not flush sanitary pads down the toilet.


The Best Quality

Go Girl sanitary pads offer the ultimate comfort and protection you deserve during your period. Crafted with high-quality materials.

Reliable protection

Go Girl’s absorbent core locks in moisture, providing worry-free protection for any flow level. 

High protection

Made with high-quality materials and rigorously tested, Go Girl pads are a reliable choice for women who demand the best. 

In India's best sailing price go girl Ultra thin sanitary pads

Firstly, let’s consider the L size category. This size includes several product codes, each with unique features and pricing. The FF01 pad, which is 240mm and foldable with a cottony feel, is priced at ₹2.10 per piece. It offers a regular thickness and is suitable for those who prefer a maxi feel.

Next, we have the FA02 pad.

Add in your Wishlist

  • 2 Packets (80 ml absorption): Only ₹10 each
  • Straight Pad (280 mm): ₹22
  • Straight Pad (240 mm): Only ₹29 each

We have many variety

  • Additionally, the SDF05 pad is dry net and straight, offering a maxi/cottony feel. It is priced at ₹2.95 per piece and has an absorption capacity of 40 ML. Similarly, the FDF06 pad, which is dry net and foldable, is also priced at ₹2.95 per piece, providing the same absorption capacity and a cottony feel.

Available in a Range of Options

  • Furthermore, in the XL size category, the FF07 pad measures 280mm and is foldable with a cottony feel. It is priced at ₹2.65 per piece, offering a 50 ML absorption capacity. The FA08 pad, foldable with ultra/SAP paper, offers an ultra/slim thickness and is priced at ₹3.40 per piece. This pad provides an absorption capacity of 80 ML, making it suitable for heavier flows.

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