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Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Vadodara

Only 10r / 2 packets 80 ml absorption,22r (280 mm Straight pad ), only in  29/r( 240 mm straight pad) contact us at +91 7249872411  also we supply and manufacture sanitary pads in Bhopal, Indore, Lucknow, Madhya Pradesh also we manufacture sanitary pads in Rajasthan.

For women, having your period is a normal aspect of life.  Go Girl is committed to provide sanitary pads that are of the highest caliber and reasonably priced, tailored to the needs of women and girls residing in the area.

The Importance of Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are essential for maintaining good menstrual hygiene. They help absorb menstrual blood, keeping you feeling clean and comfortable during your period. 

Challenges with Access to Sanitary Pads

Unfortunately, access to sanitary pads can be a challenge for many women and girls in India. This can be due to several reasons, including:

  • Cost: Sanitary pads can be expensive, especially for those living in poverty.
  • Availability: Sanitary pads may not be readily available in all areas.
  • Stigma: There may be a stigma around menstruation, making it difficult for girls and women to talk about their periods or access sanitary pads.

Go Girl Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Vadodara: Making a Positive Impact

Go Girl sanitary pad manufacturing in Vadodara is working hard to address these challenges. Here’s how they’re making a difference:


Go Girl sanitary pad manufacturing in Vadodara is working hard to address these challenges. Here’s how they’re making a difference:


  • Affordable Sanitary Pads: Go Girl offers a range of sanitary pads at different price points, making them accessible to women and girls of all income levels.
  • Increased Availability: They are actively working to increase the availability of their sanitary pads in Vadodara and surrounding areas.
  • Breaking the Stigma: Go Girl is involved in raising awareness about menstrual hygiene and breaking the stigma around periods. This includes educational programs and community outreach initiatives.

Benefits of Go Girl Sanitary Pads

There are many reasons to choose Go Girl sanitary pads manufactured in Vadododa:


  • High Quality: Go Girl uses high-quality materials to ensure their sanitary pads are absorbent, comfortable, and leak-proof.

We have huge variety?

  • Variety of Options: They offer a wide variety of sanitary pads to suit different needs and preferences. This includes pads in various sizes, thicknesses, and absorbency levels.


  • Supporting Local Businesses: By choosing Go Girl sanitary pads, you’re supporting a local Vadodara business and the local economy.



  • Focus on Sustainability: Go Girl is committed to using sustainable practices in their production processes. This includes using eco-friendly materials and reducing their environmental impact.
Empowering Women and Girls

Go Girl sanitary pad manufacturing in Vadodara is making a positive impact on the lives of women and girls in the region in several ways:

Contributing to a Healthier Future with Go Girl

  • Improved Health: Increased access to sanitary pads can lead to improved health outcomes for women and girls. This is because good menstrual hygiene helps prevent infections and other health problems.

Why we hit different ?

Increased Confidence: When girls and women have access to sanitary pads, they can participate more fully in school, work, and social activities without worry or discomfort. This can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem.

  • Breaking the Stigma: By openly talking about menstruation and providing education about sanitary pads, Go Girl is helping to break the stigma around periods. This creates a more supportive and understanding environment for all.