sanitary pad manufacturing Meerut

sanitary pad manufacturing Meerut

Go girl sanitary pad manufacturing Meerut

we are go girl sanitary pad manufacturing Meerut. Get top-quality sanitary napkins manufactured in Meerut!

  • 2 Packets (80 ml absorption): Only ₹10 each
  • Straight Pad (280 mm): ₹22
  • Straight Pad (240 mm): Only ₹29 each

Contact us for purchase or bulk inquiries: +91 7249872411

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Meerut! is a city with a thriving cultural scene, excellent cuisine, and thrilling adventures. Your period is one of the numerous changes you’ll experience as you grow up here.

Go Girl: Made in Meerut, Made for You

Go Girl isn’t your average provider of sanitary pads. They are a group of Meerut natives who are aware of the issues facing women and girls in their community.

Their well-made, reasonably priced sanitary pads cater to all budgets and requirements, guaranteeing a comfortable and self-assured menstrual experience. 

Why sanitary pad manufacturing Meerut

Sanitary pads are like your period best friends! Throughout your period, they absorb menstrual blood and keep you feeling clean and fresh. Because it keeps you comfortable and helps avoid infections, this is crucial for your general health.

Challenges with Sanitary Pads in India

Obtaining sanitary pads is a challenge for many Indian women and girls. Let’s examine a few causes:

  • Cost: Sanitary pads can be costly, particularly for people with low incomes.


We are available for you

  • Availability: Not all retailers may have them easily accessible, particularly in smaller communities.
  • Stigma: Periods can evoke an unexplained mood that makes it tough to discuss or purchase sanitary pads.

Go Girl: Making a Positive Difference in Meerut

Go Girl is determined to make this right! Here’s how they’re improving Meerut and contributing positively. 


  • Affordable Choices: To ensure that everyone may obtain sanitary pads that meet their budget, they provide a variety of pads at varying price points. No girl should have to forgo a joyful time due to financial constraints. 
  • More Pads in Stores: Go Girl is working hard to expand the number of locations in Meerut where their sanitary pads are sold, making them more accessible anytime you need them.


Always speak about your comfort

  • Breaking the Silence: Go Girl teaches individuals about sanitary pads and has open conversations about menstruation. They achieve this by integrating enjoyable events and community outreach efforts into daily life, normalizing menstruation.


The Go Girl Promise: Quality and Innovation

Go Girl places a high value on innovation and quality in the production of their sanitary pads in Meerut. Here’s what to anticipate:

  • Top-Notch Quality: To ensure that their sanitary pads are incredibly comfortable, absorbent, and leak-proof, Go Girl uses the best materials available. No more anxieties—just joyful times ahead!

We have huge variety

  • Variety is Key: They have all sorts of sanitary pads to fit your needs. From different sizes and thicknesses to different absorbency levels, there’s a perfect pad for everyone, no matter your flow.
  • Constant Innovation: To provide better comfort and performance, Go Girl is always developing new and improved sanitary pads. They are constantly improving! 

Empowering Girls and Women in Meerut

Go Girl sanitary pads are more than just a product. They play a big role in empowering girls and women in Meerut by:

  • Promoting Good Health: More access to sanitary pads means better health for girls and women. This is because good hygiene helps prevent infections and keeps you healthy.
  • Boosting Confidence: When girls have access to pads, they can go to school, work, and play without worry. This can boost their confidence and self-esteem, letting them shine bright!
  • Breaking the Stigma: Go Girl is promoting normalcy around menstruation by being frank about them. Everyone in Meerut will benefit from a more encouraging atmosphere as a result.