Go Girl Sanitary Napkins

Go Girl Sanitary Napkins

Go Girl Sanitary Napkins is the premium quality napkin

In industry, it has the highest absorption -which is approx 80ml-100ml

There so many new brands and big brands already in the market, after comparing all the premium and regular product in the market we come on the conclusion that if rates are minimum product will go fast in the market.

available brands in the market

Go Girl Sanitary Napkins






as we are sanitary napkin manufacturer in India we decided to go with good quality and minimum rate.

and we assure b

If we consider any well-known brand the Go Girl Sanitary Napkin is premium among all


  • Fast absorbency in approx 6-8  sec
  • High absorption above 80 Ml
  • Rashes free premium perforated top sheet.
  • Pocket-friendly (starts from 10/- per packet )
  • go girl sanitary napkins has the money back guaranty
  • and many more
    go girl sanitary napkins

    go girl sanitary napkins