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There are various types of sanitary pads designed to cater to different preferences and needs. Here are some common types:

Regular Pad

Regular Go Girl sanitary pads are the most common and widely used type of product for keeping your period clean. Here are some important facts and features about normal sanitary pads:

Level of Absorbency: 

These pads are made for periods that flow slowly. They can be used when a woman’s period is in the middle days, when the flow is neither too light nor too heavy.


 In general, pads come in different lengths, running from 8 to 10 inches. Different brands may have different sizes, but most of them are small enough to use every day without being too heavy.

Sticky backs and wings: A lot of normal go-girl sanitary pads have sticky backs that stick to underwear and help the pad stay in place. Some also have wings, which are flaps that fold over the sides of the underwear to keep you from leaking even more.

Comfort and Privacy:

 Regular pads are made to be comfortable and private. They’re not too thick to be seen, but they’re still absorbent enough for mild flow. The goal is to strike a mix between safety and a smooth, unobtrusive feel.

Regular sanitary pads are easy for a lot of people to get because they are sold in a lot of shops, pharmacies, and online. They are usually sold in boxes with several individually wrapped pads inside.

How to Use It: 

You can use these Go Girl pads every day during your period. In the middle days of their period, when the flow is steady but not too heavy, women can use normal pads.Regular menstrual pads are disposable, which means they are made to be used only once and should be thrown away after each use. This keeps things clean and lowers the risk of getting an infection.

Reasonably priced

: Regular sanitary pads are usually not too expensive, which makes them a good option for women who want to save money on menstrual care products.

Ultra-Thin Pads:

These pads are made to be very thin and unobtrusive while still providing good protection. For people who want something lighter and less heavy, these are great options.

Slim Design:

Ultra-thin pads have a design that is very thin and smooth. They are thinner than regular pads, which makes them less visible and more comfortable for people who want something that isn’t too bulky.


 The core of these go girl pads is usually made of superabsorbent plastics and wood pulp, which are both absorbent materials. A thin layer of non-woven cloth or a similar material surrounds the core to keep it comfortable and out of sight.

Level of Absorbency: 

Ultra-thin pads are good for people who have light to average menstrual flow. Even though they might not be as absorbent as thicker pads, they work well for handling less heavy flow without sacrificing comfort.

Comfort and Privacy: 

The best thing about ultra-thin pads is that they focus on comfort and privacy. The thin design makes them feel more natural and less obvious, which makes them a great choice for people who care about these things


 The price of ultra-thin pads can vary from brand to brand, but they are usually not too expensive. This makes them a good choice for people who want comfort and privacy without giving up absorbency.

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Maxi Pads: 

These pads are bigger and soak up more liquid, so they’re good for days with a lot of flow. Often, they have wings that protect the sides even more and help the pad stay in place.Maxi pads, which stands for “maximum protection pads,” are a type of sanitary napkin that is made to absorb a lot of liquid and cover a lot of ground. This makes them good for people who have heavy periods. Here are some important facts and features about maxi pads:

Lots of Absorbency:

 Maxi pads are known for having a lot of absorbency, which means they can handle heavy periods. The core of most absorbent pads is thicker and stronger than the center of regular or ultra-thin pads.

Design That Is Thicker: 

The thickness of maxi pads helps them collect more urine. The absorbent core is made to quickly and effectively soak up and hold on to menstrual fluid, thereby reducing the chance of leaking.

Overnight Use: 

Maxi pads are often used to protect you overnight. Because they are longer and absorb more, they are great for wearing for long periods of time while you sleep, keeping you comfortable and safe all night.

Comfort and Safety: 

Many maxi pads are made to be comfortable, even though they are thick. The materials used are usually soft and airy, which makes people feel safe and comfortable while they wear them.

Overnight Pads: 

These pads are longer and soak up more liquid than standard pads, so they protect you for longer during the night. They are made so that they don’t leak and make sleeping comfortable.Overnight pads are a type of sanitary napkin that is made to give the most safety and comfort during the night, when some people may have heavier periods. These are some of the most important things about sleeping pads:

High Absorbency:

 Overnight pads are made to be more absorbent so they can handle the possibility of more menstrual flow at night. The porous core is made to quickly take in and hold more fluid, which lowers the chance of leaks.


 are very thin and light pads that can be used every day or as extra protection on days when there isn’t much flow. A lot of people also use them to spot between periods.

Pantyliners are thin, light, and flexible pads that are meant to be used every day to protect against light vaginal discharge, spotting between periods, or as a backup for people who use tampons or menstrual cups. Five important things to know about pantyliners:

Slim and Covered:

 These liners are very thin and covered, so they can be worn comfortably and without drawing attention to themselves. They are a great option for people who want a minimal solution that is hardly visible.

Fresh Feeling All Day:

 Pantyliners are great for keeping you feeling clean and fresh all day. They are often worn every day to help people feel good about themselves and at ease.

Flexible and Sticky Backing

: The back of most pantyliners is flexible and sticky, so it sticks to your underwear. This helps the cover stay in place so it doesn’t move around while you do everyday things.

Different Sizes and Shapes:

 Pantyliners come in different sizes and shapes to meet the wants and preferences of different people. Some may be a little longer or have certain shapes that make them fit better.

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Maternity Pads: 

These are specially made to be used after giving birth. To handle the heavier flow that happens after giving birth, they are longer, thicker, and able to soak up more.Women have special needs during the time after giving birth, so maternity pads are a type of sanitary napkin made just for them. Some important things to know about maternity pads are:

High Absorbency: 

Maternity pads are made to soak up a lot of fluid so they can handle the heavier bleeding that happens after giving birth. They protect women reliably during times when they may have lochia, a leak made up of blood, mucus, and uterine tissue.

Extra Length and Coverage:

 These pads are wider and longer than normal sanitary pads to protect and cover more area. The longer length helps keep out leaks and keeps women comfortable during their period, when they may be less mobile and more likely to sit or lie down for long amounts of time.

Soft and Comfortable:

 Maternity pads are made from soft and comfortable materials to keep the skin from getting irritated and to help the body heal during the first few weeks after giving birth. Comfort is very important, especially for women who are still recovering from the physical stresses of giving birth.

Secure Fit:

 Many maternity pads are made with wings or sticky strips to make sure they fit securely inside underwear after giving birth. This keeps the pad from moving around, giving you more comfort and safety.

Anion Sanitary Pads:

 Anion sanitary pads contain negatively charged ions, which some people think have extra benefits like better odor control and antibacterial qualities.Anion sanitary pads are a type of feminine care product that have a negative ion (anion) strip that makes them stand out. These pads are made to do more than just protect your underwear during your period. Some important things to know about anion cloth pads are:

Anion Strip:

 Anion menstrual pads are different because they have a strip or layer with negatively charged ions (anions) on it. Most of the time, these anion strips are built into the core or top layer of the pad.

Better Comfort:

 Some users say that anion menstrual pads make them feel clean and comfortable while they’re using them. Some people think that the negative ions make the experience more nice and easy to breathe in.

Eco-Friendly Pads: 

People who care about the environment may choose reused cloth pads. Because these can be washed and used more than once, they are better for the world than disposable pads.Eco-friendly pads, which are also called environmentally friendly or sustainable menstrual products, are made to have less of an effect on the earth than regular disposable pads. Some important things to know about eco-friendly pads are:

Materials That Break Down Naturally: Many eco-friendly pads are made from materials that break down naturally over time. This means that they don’t add much to environmental trash.


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