Best Sanitary Napkin Machine Manufacturers in India

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These machines are used in factories to make sanitary napkins or menstrual pads. These machines are of two types- fully automatic or semi-automatic. The production capacity of these machines (how many pads are made) depends on the needs of different businesses.

Some special parts of the machine:

Roll unwinding unit: It unwinds the fluff pulp, absorbent core layer, back sheet and raw material from the large roll.

Dosing unit: It takes the right amount of material for the absorbent layer and spreads it evenly.

Forming unit: It shapes the inner part of the sanitary napkin and wraps it with the top and back sheets.

Folding and welding unit: It folds the napkin and joins the layers together with ultrasonic waves.

End folding and trimming unit: It folds the edges of the napkin and cuts off any excess material.

Packing unit: It collects and packs the finished napkins.

Types of Sanitary Napkin Making Machines

There are two main types of sanitary napkin making machines:

Fully autonomous machines: These machines require very few people to operate. These machines can make sanitary napkins very quickly.

Semi-autonomous machines: These machines require only a few people to operate. For example, filling the raw material and removing the finished napkins.

Things to consider while choosing a machine:

Production capacity: How many sanitary napkins can this machine make in a minute or an hour.

Autonomy level: Do you need a fully autonomous or partially autonomous machine?

Type of napkin: The machine can make sanitary napkins of specific types and sizes as per your requirement.

Space: How much space do you have to set up the machine?

Budget: The price of the machine

Q: Which brand of pad is best?
A: Best Sanitary Pads in India for Go-Girl Comfort And Ease.

Q: What are the different types of sanitary pads available?
A: Sanitary pads come in a variety of absorbency capacities, lengths, with or without wings, and materials.

Q: What type of machine do you use to manufacture sanitary pads?
A: Reputed manufacturers should have reliable and well-maintained sanitary napkin machines, including opening, dosing, forming, folding, welding, and packaging.

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