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Go Girl! in Mysore is making a difference!

Having your period is a normal part of life for girls and women. But sometimes, finding safe and comfortable sanitary pads can be challenging.

sanitary napkin manufacturing Mysore

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Mysore is a place where exciting changes abound! period is one of those changes. While getting comfortable and safe sanitary napkins is an everyday occurrence for women and girls, it can occasionally be difficult .

sanitary napkin manufacturing Mysore, Made in Mysore

Go Girl is a compassionate Mysore-based company. They are managed by individuals who are aware of the requirements of urban girls and women.

They create reasonably priced, premium sanitary napkins to meet the demands of all customers.

Why Sanitary Napkins Are Important

During your period, sanitary napkins are your greatest buddies. Throughout your period, they absorb menstrual blood and keep you feeling clean and fresh. Because it keeps you comfortable and helps avoid infections, this is crucial for your general health.

Challenges with Sanitary Napkins in Mysore

Obtaining sanitary napkins is a challenge for many Indian women and girls. This is the reason why:

  • Cost:The cost of sanitary napkins can be high, particularly for individuals with low incomes.
  • Availability:Not all retailers may have them easily accessible, particularly in smaller communities.
  • Stigma: Periods can bring up an odd feeling that makes it hard to discuss or purchase sanitary napkins.

Go Girl: Making a Difference in Mysore

Understanding Go Girl’s creative process ensures transparency and highlights their commitment to quality:

  • Affordable Sanitary Napkins: They provide a selection of sanitary napkins at various price points so that everyone can discover pads that meet their needs.
  • More Pads in Stores: Go Girl is working hard to increase the number of retailers in Mysore that carry their sanitary napkins, making them more easily accessible.

Always stands for your comfortable

  • Breaking the Silence: Go Girl teaches individuals about sanitary napkins and has open conversations about menstruation. They accomplish this through entertaining events and neighborhood engagement projects.
Benefits of Go Girl Sanitary Napkins Made in Mysore

Choosing Go Girl sanitary napkins, which are created in Mysore, has several benefits.

  • Top Quality: Go Girl makes sure their sanitary napkins are incredibly soft, highly absorbent, and leak-proof by using the best materials. Put an end to your concerns!

we have quality of choice

  • Variety of Choices: They provide a wide variety of sanitary napkins in various sizes, thicknesses, and absorbency levels to meet your demands. A suitable pad exists for every individual!

Why we are different

  • Supporting Local Businesses:Selecting Go Girl means assisting a Mysore-based company and fostering the growth of the regional economy!
  • Going Green: Go Girl employs eco-friendly materials whenever feasible since she is concerned about the environment. Both the environment and you will benefit from it!

Empowering Women and Girls in Mysore

The Go Girl sanitary napkin industry in Mysore greatly aids women and girls by:

  • Better Health: Girls and women in Mysore will have better health if they have more access to sanitary napkins. This is so that illnesses can be avoided through proper hygiene.


  • More Confidence: Girls who have access to pads can play, work, and attend school without fear. Their self-esteem and confidence may increase as a result.
  • Breaking the Stigma: Go Girl is promoting normalcy around menstruation by being frank about them. As a result, everyone in Mysore lives in a more encouraging atmosphere.