Sanitary Napkin Manufacturers In  Ludhiana

 If you are looking for the best quality sanitary pads or sanitary napkins in Ludhiana you can visit our website in detail our factory unit is in Pune and  Bhopal and we are the largest manufacturer inLudhiana

we are making many kinds of sanitary pads and in the different sizes 


 240 mm

 280 mm 

320 mm

 We also make dry net top sheet sanitary pad, cotton top sheet sanitary pad, anion chip sanitary pad, fluffy sanitary pad, ultra sanitary napkins, with printing in sanitary pads.

 We also make some custom kinds of sanitary napkins on the customer’s demand.

 we have already made very different kinds of sanitary pads for more than 500+ local brands all over India.

 if you are really interested to make success in the sanitary pad industry – you can contact us on 

7447 445 566

 only on WhatsApp because sometimes we cannot pick your calls